Although it may not sound very appealing, the fact is that your mouth is full of bacteria. These bacteria can contribute to inflammation and infections in your gums, which can lead to gum disease. To combat this problem, our dentist may suggest an appointment for a gingivectomy. This treatment, sometimes called flap or pocket reduction surgery, can remove the bacteria, reduce the inflammation in your gums and help restore your oral health. It can also halt the loss of mass in your jawbone and make your home care routine easier.

After administering an anesthetic, our dentist will pull back the gum tissue from your teeth, remove the plaque and tartar, and smooth the tooth roots in a process called scaling and root planing. Then, our dentist will place an antimicrobial agent in the treatment area to eliminate any bacteria and speed up your healing process. When we are finished, your gums will be sutured back into place. You may experience some tooth or gum sensitivity after your visit, but you should notice an improvement in your oral health in just a few weeks.

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